Early language

A teacher prepares questions and pictures before a storytelling session to help all his young students understand the story.

If a child can apply what he/she has learnt in daily life, then we can claim that teaching or educating has been effective. In that sense we can say that all learning is from life for life.

Let us question ourselves. How should I start my English language class with children who begin to learn the language? Some responses could be:
  • I will begin with letters of the alphabet A/a, B/b, C/c, D/d, E/e…

The early years are foundational for language and literacy learning. It is especially critical for first-generation learners from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, who may depend on schooling to provide them with rich exposures to language. This article describes three central tasks that young learners are engaged in as they transition from home to school, and suggests principles that could enable them in making this transition successfully.

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