Early childhood

The early years are foundational for language and literacy learning. It is especially critical for first-generation learners from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, who may depend on schooling to provide them with rich exposures to language. This article describes three central tasks that young learners are engaged in as they transition from home to school, and suggests principles that could enable them in making this transition successfully.

The article on gender rights outlines the following key points:

1. Gender in early childhood
2. Child sex ratio or the right to be born female
3. Low birth weight due to maternal under nutrition
4. Exclusive breastfeeding as the child’s right to mother’s milk and the woman’s right to breastfeed
day care for young children when the mother is at work
5. Rights of alternate caregivers to reward and recognition

This article deals with a debate that helps us reflect on the degree to which early childhood experiences can mould individuals...

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