Early childhood

Raju1, a 6 year old boy, looks intensely at a picture of an elephant shown to him by his teacher.
“What is this picture?”, asks the teacher in Kannada.
“Aane” (elephant), responds Raju, a native speaker of Kannada.
The teacher looks puzzled for a minute when she realizes that he is right; but the word “aane” doesn’t fit into the sequence of letters she
Early childhood, the period from conception up to the age of about six years, is now known to be the most significant stage of life, from the point of view of human development, and neglect or trauma at this stage can lead to serious damage, sometimes permanent. Five issues can be conceptualized as the rights of the young child, seen from a gender perspective, or, to put it differently, gender discrimination through the young child's lens.
1. The first one is the right to be born a girl.

This article deals with a debate that helps us reflect on the degree to which early childhood experiences can mould individuals...

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