How do we know the distance of the sun from the earth? Or that of the nearest galaxy to our own? This article introduces four methods that astronomers use to measure distances in space.

This book How Far is Far by Sukanya Sinha can engage the kids in understanding the concept of distance, measurement and units. Don't miss the Fun with Measuring activities at the end, which can be easily done in any classroom.

Physicists, air traffic controllers, and video game creators all have at least one thing in common: vectors. But what exactly are they, and why do they matter?

a fresh look at our own solar system.

Here are some problems for students in Senior School.

This video will help with comprehending the scale of the large - buildings, land forms, planets, stars, and the universe.

It’s hard to imagine the scale of the solar system and the universe. This video, on the scale of the earth and the sun, helps in getting a sense of scale and speed.


This video looks at how distance from the sun does not dictate the seasons.



Estimation is an important and useful skill to have in life. This worksheet will help students develop estimation skills.

This worksheet aims to help students understand the concepts of distance and displacement. The problems and activities in this worksheet are designed to help them understand the difference between the distance covered and displacement.

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