The accidental discovery of the novel property of an enigmatic blue protein answered a question that had nagged a fish biologist for two decades. This is the story of Wayne Schaefer and his pursuit of an observation — a blue fish in a lake famous for its yellow ones.

Today, we are privileged to pay tribute to Nobel Laureate CV Raman, who discovered that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the deflected light changes in wavelength. 

We all agree that we need to excite students to learn basic sciences and motivate them to ask fundamental questions and to think creatively. While this is true for teaching any subject, what specific methods would one use to teach biology? Read on to find out.


The author shares, in his article, his experiences with Teaching Learning Material...

This issue of Learning Curve deliberates on the the purpose of social science in society, what the National Curriculum Framework says about the subject, the many moral conflicts while teaching it, pedagogic dilemmas, and a look at social science education across the world. The effort has been to give our readers an honest and comprehensive view of the nature of social science as a subject.

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