Education is important, interesting but a complex process. It is complex because it is social in nature. Geographical, cultural and other diversities in a society are a major source of complexity. A second source of complexity results from the wide field of content areas and pedagogies which keep changing. Yet another area that adds to this complex process is the variety of stakeholders, for example the diversity we come across with respect to students and teachers with the kind of changes happening there in multiple dimensions.

The book under review, Math! Encounters with High School Students by Serge Lang, is an old one, published in 1985, but well worth bringing to the notice of students and teachers of mathematics. It is a series of seven dialogues on mathematics with school students and a postscript discussing mathematics teaching.

The fifth issue of LLT, brought out in January 2014, deals with a range of topics with articles like 'What Esperanto Offers Language Teachers' and 'Teacher Talk in the Second Language Classroom' to ones that look at e-learning and give an analysis of how the government is speaking to the masses. The issue also comes with book reviews and classroom activities.

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