This silent video on the main festivals of India can be used as a support material while teaching the topic through co-operative group discussion and sharing.

The third issue of LLT, brought out in January 2013, deals with multilingual classrooms and the bringing together of language and culture - 'Do Language Codes Affect Multilingualism'?, 'Designing Second Language Curriculum' and 'The Way Forward for English Language Teachers', among others. Also find book reviews, classroom activities and reports on language workshops.

The author shares his views on "education" in the present day, voicing his thoughts on the changes that need to be brought about to ensure that learning "supports individual creativity, cultural diversity, economic justice, and a sustainable relationship with the environment".

This video quiz is an interesting way for the students to learn about the States in India - their history, their geography and other aspects that are unique to them.

Food is an important aspect of festivals. But how much do we know about the traditional dishes associated with each festival? Here is a crossword puzzle with some popular delicacies from across the globe.

One of the most important aspects of heritage education is experiencing our culture first hand by visiting a historical building.

The social studies curriculum at the Rishi Valley School drew upon a diversity of human heritage from different parts of the world. Students were introduced to an understanding of cause and effect in social phenomena which helped them to form their own judgments, pursue their own questions and researches, as well as a range of activities that could make the experience of cultures and events more alive.

Why teach Social Studies? Social Studies aims to make sense of the real world, of the world close to our experience and the one distant from it. Children learn to channelize and critically evaluate the flood of information and knowledge that is bound to shape their attitudes to the past, present and future.


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