A scene from a ‘life skills’ workshop held at the Concerned for Working Children (CWC) centre in Kundapura, Mangalore District :

Stories are something that fascinate children of all ages. A storyboard takes stories a step further – towards visual representation. 

This article aims at describing certain strategies that would help teachers become better storytellers. The demonstration was done for primary school teachers by narrating a story called ‘How the Bean got  its strings’, the ‘desi’ version of a Grimm’s fairytale.



As a creative art teacher, Lekha has a good chance to gauge the personalities of her students through their drawings.


The sixth issue of LLT, brought out in July 2014, deals with topics like literacy education, multilingualism in the classroom, politics of language, and reflective journal writing, among others. Also find book reviews, classroom activities and reports on language workshops. providing them a space to explore, dechiper and learn.

Any school which has set out to bring about learning in an interesting atmosphere could bring in a dedicated area for working with hands. A craft studio or center could provide a rich resource in exploring various materials and could be introduced for children from an early age. Natural materials like clay, bamboo, wood, coconut shells, seeds pods and other fascinating materials like paper, thread, cloth and beads could be brought in for the mere joy of understanding the nature and differing qualities of these materials.

This activity is intended for students in pre and primary school. The aim is to encourage children to learn and have fun with language. These can be built on to encourage idea generation for story construction and creative writing.

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