Ganitmala is a manipulative version of number line. It is a proportional material that has properties of both groupable and pre-grouped models. Jodo Gyan ( introduced them in India.

It can be used for introducing whole numbers and all four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also be used for the division algorithm to find the HCF!

A square dot sheet has equally spaced dots aligned vertically and horizontally. Many interesting investigations can be devised with this simple learning material.

CSpathshala national curriculum committee comprising computer scientists from top academic institutes as well as IT industry experts have explored various curricula framework and recommendations and have developed a computing curriculum suitable for K-12. The guidelines as well as the curriculum details are presented in the CSpathshala Curriculum document.

This presentation is on the process of methodical counting and how to count such that no object gets counted more than once

This worksheet corresponds to the lesson plan for Methodical Counting. In this Lesson Plan we studied the process of methodical counting and how to count such that no object gets counted more than once.

The focus of this Lesson Plan is methodical counting of objects, so that each object gets counted once. It also highlights some strategies to count correctly such as:

The idea of the basic counting module is to look beyond just numbers to figure out why we need numbers at all, why do we count and how does it help us.  This is the building block towards understanding systematic listing, thinking and reasoning skills in higher classes.

This worksheet accompanies the lesson plan Basic counting and why do we need to count. This class covers basic counting, using real-life examples.

This presentation covers the following:

  • What is counting?
  • Using Numbers to: List many objects and count them, Help us think and solve problems
  • Numbers and counting in daily life

This short article narrates a real-life classroom episode: a situation where two different answers were obtained to a counting problem and the class was nonplussed for a while. Ultimately, good sense prevailed and we were able to discover the error.

The problem studied was this:

Eight tennis players wish to split up into four pairs to play four singles games. In how many ways can they do this?


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