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Under the present scenario, pedagogy demands our consistent effort to evolve scientific teaching methods. It must involve the use of scientific tools or Teaching Learning Material (TLM) without which neither teaching nor learning is possible. In this article, I will talk about the experiences of my life as a student as well as a teacher and also share my understanding that changed in course of time.

Apart for the usual & intended purpose of sharing what one has learnt, see what more the teacher can motivate the students to do. This snippet is from Primary School Zahiruddinpur, Suithakalan block, Jaunpur, U.P.

A dentist by day and a wonderful webcomic artist by night, Grant Snider has created a niche for himself. Of struggle and dreams, of art and imagination,  of poetry, of innocence..his brush strokes express it all. 

Sample this on How to Grow Imagination

Doug and Ket from Alford Books share this free-to-download story of Humi Bird - A Humble Tale, illustrated by Chanita Worakhan


A first- person account of two teachers— one who labelled a child as ‘not capable’ and another, who probed deeper to find out what was wrong with the child. It is your guess as to which teacher won the confidence of the child.


For a new teacher, that first day of school is the source of anxiety and excitement. Lalitha Jayaraman shares her experience...

I woke up abruptly, from a nightmare so real, it seemed to me I had actually lived through it. A nightmare in which roll-up blackboards refused to unroll at the strategic moment, charts turned mockingly blank when I displayed them proudly to the class, flashcards got themselves inextricably confused... and, as a grand finale, I myself missed a fatal step while getting off the ramp, to hear gales of merry laughter echoing through the classroom...

Ever wondered why students who score well in written exams find it difficult to articulate the simplest of ideas? In this article, the author looks at how English, as a language, is taught in schools.

In my thirty years of teaching I’ve come across students who have completed their MBA, but still have difficulty speaking in English. When I opened their MBA text books, I was overwhelmed at the high-flown language in which it was compiled and it surprised me that they could pass the examination without any difficulty when they were diffident in speaking the language fluently.

My first school was a small, cozy, and beautiful learning centre. Although apprehensive in the beginning, as the days went by I felt totally at home in that school. The school, which went up to standard 5, had few but extremely friendly teachers and students. Therefore, after completing standard 5 when I moved to a bigger school I felt completely lost amidst the big building, the many classrooms and the thousands of students. 

Here are a few activities that were conducted for a large group of children during their summer camp. They enjoyed the activity based learning and were happy that they could speak, read & write so much English. Teachers can use these activities in the classroom too!


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