computational thinking

CSpathshala national curriculum committee comprising computer scientists from top academic institutes as well as IT industry experts have explored various curricula framework and recommendations and have developed a computing curriculum suitable for K-12. The guidelines as well as the curriculum details are presented in the CSpathshala Curriculum document.

1. Preamble

With the help of this Lesson Plan children will start understanding and appreciating visual patterns.

Some Practice questions to work with visual patterns.

Through this presentation children will develop an understanding of visual patterns.

Through these two Lesson Plans children will understand meaning of instruction in real life, which will help them to get a sense of Computer Programming.

Through this Lessn Plan children will learn to play a type of logic puzzle and learn to solve them.

We learned to solve some word maze puzzles in the presentation on Logic Puzzles here. This worksheet has some more.


This Presentation is on logic puzzle and how to solve them.

This is part two of the Lesson Plan on Algorithm and Breaking Up Tasks. This will help children learn more about algorithm and how they consist of breaking up a task into a series of small tasks.


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