Nidhi Tiwari

Daood Khan Ramayani recites the ‘Ramcharit Manas’. Those who know him, affectionately call him ‘Guruji’. Children know him as the ‘Chocolate Grandfather’ because he gifts a chocolate to every adult or child whom he sees going by. He is 93 years old but is absolutely fit. He still goes for his morning walk daily.


Buniyadee Shiksha (Nai Talim), the education system proposed by Mahatma Gandhi, is generally believed to be education system based on productive work. But it should be clear to all of us that though productive work is its basis, learning through that work is its’ uniqueness. By now a lot has been discussed about Nai Talim. One needs to go through the writings of Gandhiji in ‘Harijan’ or ‘Young India’ to get a clear picture of his ideas of education.

India's Kailash Satyarthi was recently conferred the Nobel Peace Prize at a function in Oslo, Norway. The Nobel Foundation has shared his speech addressing the gathering.

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