If innocence had an animation video writ on every frame, Bhimsain's 1974 classic Ek Anek Ekta wins hands down as far as two generations of Indians are concerned.

I work at STiR Education which believes in empowering teachers to be change-makers working on their motivation levels and on how society perceives the teaching profession in totality. This is my 3rd year at STiR team and I would like to share my learnings in the education field with them & through them which I am sure will ring an immediate bell. 

The objective of this 'Low Floor High Ceiling' activity series is to challenge the problem-solving skills of students and in attempting them, each student is pushed to his or her maximum potential. There is enough work for all but as the level gets higher, fewer students are able to complete the tasks.

In her article, the author Prerna Shivpuri, talks of the importance of assessment as a collaborative exercise between educators and students. She also describes specific strategies that can be adopted to engage in this collaborative space.

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