classroom engagement

Use these videos to understand how to implement Pair Work and Group Work in your classroom. These ideas can then be incorporated in your own classroom.

A teacher organises her large class (Science) to ensure that all her students are involved in the lesson.

A teacher uses pair work to give all her students an opportunity to participate in the lesson.

Students are helped to translate folk songs from their home language into the school language.

A teacher skilfully involves all his students in purposeful activity in a multigrade, multilingual context.

A teacher welcomes her young students in their home languages.

This article describes an activity where students created different geometrical shapes using a closed-loop string and developed conceptual understanding by engaging with properties of the shapes. The activity encouraged them to think deeply about the meaning of points, straight lines, edges, faces, and angles of geometrical shapes. Using standard models which are generally available, students only get to view geometrical shapes or build them by following a set of instructions.

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