classroom discipline

Mindfulness is a state of being; of being in the present without any thoughts/ feelings of the past or the future. It is about focussing attention in the present and being aware of one’s current thoughts, feelings and state of mind and body. This would be very beneficial in a classroom set-up since it helps in ensuring that the children and facilitator alike are present in the now; the points below highlight some key benefits that mindfulness can induce:

I have been working as a teacher in the Azim Premji School in Dineshpur (Uttarakhand) since 2012 and talk about behaviour in the class on a regular basis. As of now I am the Class Teacher of Class-4. Five children in the class abuse the others and indulge in misbehavior of a similar kind, especially in the absence of the teacher and this leads to even physical fights because of which there are problems in the conduct of the class and disturbance in the class-room teaching. A lot of time is spent sometimes in resolving these issues.


When I first started to work with children with special needs, I was passionate and loved my subject area. As an Occupational Therapist, I had to observe the students in classroom and also while doing other co-curricular activities like sports, art and self-care, etc. Despite this, I was clueless when it came to classroom management with special needs children. I went into the classroom thinking that a well-planned lesson plan would take care of itself. But I found that it wasn’t so!

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