Devika Narayan 

The Class (Entre les murs)

Directed by Laurent Cantet


A Review  by Alex M. George

Entering the Classroom

Ashvin Srivatsa

Classrooms are spaces in which teachers come into their own, a magic area confined perhaps by four physical walls, but in fact as large as the teacher makes it. For it is the teacher’s own constituency where she gives a large part of herself and receives a lot more than she gives.

Suggestions on how you can increase the productivity of your class.

As a new teacher, on the first day at school one tends to be nervous. You know how hyperactive children, especially the tiny tots, can be. How do you control them without seeming to police them? Manaswini suggests some ways to do this...

As teachers, you often come across students who are distracted in the classroom. These students who are often intelligent, but are unable to retain their focus for more than 10 minutes. What can a teacher  do to keep them from getting distracted and disturbing the whole class? Manaswini shares with us how teachers can deal with such situations...

Magic happens when you integrate library books with classroom was done in Apna Vidya Bhavan.

“A child is not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit” was the opinion of the French renaissance scholar and writer Francois Rabelais. Numerous educationists of eminence across centuries since then, have held that the true purpose of education is the blossoming of the individual in every possible way. Why, then have we focused so hard on “filling the vase” in our schools, while the “lighting of the fire” doesn’t seem to fit somehow into the overall agenda at all?


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