Child-friendly School initiative

My USP to generate interest in art stems from a simple understanding that art is within you as good as it is around you. I have adopted the method of making the student understand, respect and experience the values and ethics of the process of art and culminating this whole process into a product. The best method to start art with any young budding minds is sand art or a collage using wastes around you. I have personally seen a tremendous positive impact on the young minds in being interested in art through this activity.
Imaginative thinking may not be considered a skill, but it is more basic than most art skills. It is very difficult to teach in junior classes. They have their own fantasies in the art world. Entering this world is not an easy task. At the beginning of their art learning, some teacher may have asked them to draw some shape or fill up this shape with colour or to draw straight lines. Sometimes, they find this very boring and become less interested in their art classes.
Every educational intervention expects to lead to improvement in the learning outcomes of students. Many interventions in India focus on building teacher capacity, creating a learningconducive atmosphere or bridging the gap between the school and community which are then expected to positively impact learning outcome of students.
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