child development

Is it all your mother’s fault?
No matter what the “it” refers to, Sigmund Freud would have probably said yes to that question. However, we now know a lot more about psychology, parenting, and human relationships than Freud did.
Gijubhai's Divaswapna has been translated into many Indian languages and had been an inspiring tale for teachers & parents. A random stumbling on Arvind Gupta's site popped up a bunch of translated prose poems penned by Gijubhai. We are sharing these sweet meditations on the child, childhood & teaching.

In a year, I have to deal with at least 40 students who are shy. Even at the end of the academic year, they remain shy. How do I get them to open up?

Toddlers may be ever so adorable but they can also be frustratingly poor at listening and respec

This article deals with a debate that helps us reflect on the degree to which early childhood experiences can mould individuals...

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