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Just imagine, in a routine mathematics class a teacher enters the class room with a colorful board game. Instead of instructing students to take out their math textbooks/note books and setting work for them, he just opens the game board and allows students to play the game. The eyes of the students sparkle and they enjoy playing. Even the back benchers (who generally do not get involved in class room work) come forward to play and give a neck to neck fight to the scholars in the class.

Use this board game to reinforce your learners' understanding on food webs & food chains.

The traditional board game of Snakes and Ladders can be played on a periodic table of chemical elements to reinforce the concepts discussed.

This activity is very helpful for teaching adjectives and adverbs and is recommended when you need to raise the attention levels of your learners.


Running Errands is a board game that has been successfully used in European schools. The version presented here is relevant for Indian classrooms and helps build a variety of skills.

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