One fact about most living organisms is that they grow rapidly during the initial stages of their lives. You yourself have been growing taller since you were born. In fact, you will continue growing in height until you are about 18-20 years of age.

How does this happen? When a building grows in height, we know it is because we add more construction material to it. When a human being himself/herself grows in height, what is the mechanism that leads to an increase in height? Let's find out!

Mittu is smitten by a photograph of what looks like an ‘X’ in his grandpa’s scrapbook. In response to his questions, Grandpa narrates a story — that of the discovery of the ‘molecule of life’. Does Mittu succeed in his quest to understand the mystery of ‘X’? Let’s find out.


We all agree that we need to excite students to learn basic sciences and motivate them to ask fundamental questions and to think creatively. While this is true for teaching any subject, what specific methods would one use to teach biology? Read on to find out.


As teachers, before we take up the issue of teaching biology in primary school, let us understand its place in the primary curriculum. At the primary level, children need to develop three kinds of academic skills...

The Human body can be classified and studied as separate systems to enable easy understanding of the structure and functioning of the body. This is a reference book for teachers and can be used  to find answers to questions about the human body.
In this book you will find pictures of some basic parts of the human body. You will also see the interconnections between the different systems of the body that explain how the body functions. 
The various human body systems are the:


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