When children enjoy coming to school, you know the teachers are doing something right.


Read here about what Sangeeta did to ensure she kept track of her students' learning and what Pritam did to encourage her students to come to school regulary.

Sangeeta, a teacher at the Nagar Nigam Pratibha Vidyalaya school in Pushp Vihar, found that she was finding it hard to keep track of which students had mastered which skills and that they were not as motivated as they could be in class. 

Here's what a teacher did to motivate students to come back to class after the holidays...

Being aware of where your students are – both in terms of academic progress and their literal attendance in class – is one of the most important roles a teacher plays. All too often, even the simplest form of student tracking is not taking place, and where it is, consistency and effective monitoring is not guaranteed. The proof is in the empty chairs: Delhi, for example, has an average attendance rate of less than 70%, with up to 10% of students dropping out of school before even completing primary.

Checklists and charts can help students take responsibility for themselves and their work. Here are three instances, where these helped students with homework and attendance. 

Let’s Complete Homework

Improving your language and building your vocabulary through attendance and self evaluation...

The Government Primary School Jasvawala is located in a rural area of Roorkee Block, Haridwar District, Uttarakhand.Pankaj Kumar, the Principal, saw that there were very few opportunities for children to enhance their vocabulary in Hindi and English. Also, he wanted to utilize the time for taking attendance every morning in a productive way.

Continued Theme: Assessment and tracking of Student Attendance, progress and achievement

Theme: Assessment and tracking of Student Attendance, progress and achievement

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