Arvind Gupta

Here is another clip on atmospheric pressure. Also watch the part 1 by clicking here

Here is the first clip on atmospheric pressure. 

Here is a short clip on drawing an ellipse.

Vigyan Prasar & IISER, Pune present Prof Pierre Fontes who through kitchen, toys and day to day materials deconstructs the aura of science for school teachers. Here is a short clip on attraction & repulsion.

As a student, when the chapter 'Sound' was taught to me, I found it strange that the only 'sound' in the classroom was that of the voice of the teacher. I therefore, have taken the opportunity to design curricular materials using everyday items to introduce the topic of Sound to students.The materials have been briefly explained and can be used as per one's needs and requirements.

Following are a few ways of how the materials can be used:

Here is an interesting way one can multiply small and big numbers. Also known as Russian multiplication, the peasants are said to have devised this method.

Real-life activities such as art design or trying to arrange objects to fit into a certain space are geometrical in nature and provide a host of opportunities for children to participate in mathematical inquiry. These activities explore them how.

Textbooks just tell that heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. This lesson plan provides an opportunity for a practical demonstration of how the heart works.


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