“Arts is the very basis of education”
- Devi Prasad, Sculptor and Peace Activist

This video on the dance forms in India can encourage children to appreciate dance as a  form of expression and help them understand the culture of India through its dance traditions.

The latest issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'arts in school education'. The burthen of the collective message of this issue is: in the life of our children, Art is as essential as any other subject. Art sharpens perceptions of the world around us, it increases awareness and sensitivity. It also enhances human relationships as we discover the similarities of the artistic experience.There is a general recognition of the fact that the word 'art' encapsulates within itself a wealth of meaning, as witness phrases such as the art of writing, of communication, of social and political exchange.

The value of art in education cannot be underestimated. Art reflects an interest in the varied expressions of life and nature. The power of observation has to be encouraged in every child. A child will express himself freely, without norms, in ever-new ways if given the opportunity.

Here are a set of worksheets on various topics in History. The worksheets encourage the students to observe, analyze, draw inferences, do comparative study, imagine and hypothesize.


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