His life comprised mostly of begging in long distance trains until one day he arrived at the shelter home for boys at Jabalpur. What distinguished him from the rest of the boys was his pronounced stuttering and the resultant reluctance to talk about his experiences in the group. My ‘icebreaker’ moment with him happened with very few words, amid paper, colours and pencils. During a workshop that I was conducting, I had asked all the children to visualize a place of safety and then depict it on paper.

Symmetry seems to be very much a part of our genetic make-up. Even a young child, unschooled in matters, is able to differentiate between symmetrical or regular objects as compared with those that are irregular. Our hearing is tuned to recognise symmetry in rhythm, music and beats. We see beauty in symmetry of monuments, designs, decorations and art. The aim of this article is two-fold. The first is to introduce the reader to the intuitive as well as the mathematical concept of symmetry.

An aesthetic appreciation of mathematical dimensions.

When we talk about dimensions are they just another technical stuff that learners need to memorize?

Before answering that question, here is an activity. What can you make by folding the lines & glueing the edges of these 2D shapes?

As a creative art teacher, Lekha has a good chance to gauge the personalities of her students through their drawings.


Use a chess board to learn Math! 

Getting even on a chess board : See how odd numbers & even number pattern show up on a chess board. 


A review of Paul Lockhart's book - A Mathematician's lament.

English is not just a means of communication and understanding this allows you to realize and appreciate the beauty of the language.
Naina, an English teacher at Vidyaranya School in Hyderabad, talks with Teachers of India.

Enliven your lessons by bringing art into the classroom.

In Part 1 of this article we had noted how some regular po


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