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I was never the ideal student through my school days, ranked around thirty second once in a class of fifty four. Made it to cultural captain in my twelfth year and was evidently more interested in music and the arts. Got in through a college entrance exam and got my first whiff of the Fine Arts, a whiff that was to change my life forever.
My USP to generate interest in art stems from a simple understanding that art is within you as good as it is around you. I have adopted the method of making the student understand, respect and experience the values and ethics of the process of art and culminating this whole process into a product. The best method to start art with any young budding minds is sand art or a collage using wastes around you. I have personally seen a tremendous positive impact on the young minds in being interested in art through this activity.


Try giving a child a broken biscuit. Even if she accepts it, there will be some amount of displeasure about its deformity. I face this everyday with chalk-pieces, sheets of paper, paint-boxes, brushes and even old newspapers.

‘Teacher…This box doesn’t have all the colours!’

‘Teacher… This paper is torn in the corner.’

How often do we come across 80 year olds active in bringing about a social change? At 80 Ram Kaka continues to nurture and work for this dream.

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