art education

We have typically slotted all the arts taught in schools as “extra-curricular’. The connotation is that it is an addition to a curriculum, something that lies on the fringes - just outside the purview of all that is sacred! And what we really mean, without mincing words, is that it is non- academic. It does not end with that all-absolving Board Examination! So it is all right to accord it the space in the timetable when the children are tired – late afternoon – some dance, music and ne art before they pack their bags and dash for their waiting buses!

Children like to draw. Around the age of two they discover the sheer pleasure of making marks. They pick up any crayon, pencil or pen and they scribble.
Our toddlers are not trying to represent reality with these scribbles. It is simply a joyful exploration of their own new found power - the ability to make a permanent mark on the world.


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