This continues the ‘Proof’ column begun earlier. In this ‘episode’ we study some results from geometry related to the theme of concurrence.

Let your students arrive at the sum of a pentagon's internal angles themselves, by folding paper into a pentagon. 

Watch this simple video to see how it's done.

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In mathematics, breaking up is not hard to do!

In my search for suitable projects which encompassed a wide spectrum of arithmetic, geometric and algebraic components with a focus on mensuration, I naturally turned to tangrams. This topic is a favourite for both teachers and project designers...writes Sneha Titus.

"Assessment needs to provide answers for two questions:ƒ How is the student evolving as a learner? ƒ What can I do to facilitate that learning? With the encouragement of a supportive principal, I re-worked the model for formative assessment..."

For part 1 of the article, click here.

Mr. Jagirdar finally puts to use what he had memorized: the conditions for the nature of the roots of a quadratic!

Here is another clip on atmospheric pressure. Also watch the part 1 by clicking here

Here is the first clip on atmospheric pressure. 

Here are some problems for students in Senior School. The solutions to problems posed appear in the next issue of AtRiA's problem corner.

Heron’s Formula for Area of a Triangle...Cleverly used algebra in an old familiar formula for the area of a triangle in terms of its base and height enables the formula to be restated in terms of the sides of the triangle.
Find an account of the derivation by COMAC and a number crossword by by D.D. Karopady.



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