It was sometime in the year 2002, Anand had come across a notification by NCERT in THE HINDU about the “All India Competition for Teachers and Teacher Educators - lnnovative Practices and Experiments in School Education and Teacher Education”. Those were the days when IT was still a distant dream for him hailing from a lower middle class family.

One incident that I remember of my primary school days is the school inspection day. On the previous day our head teacher had come to our class and had said how we should behave the next day. She pointed out to the stains in my white shirt and said that I should not come in that shirt to the school the next day. I went home and saw that all my shirts were soiled. The stain was due to the food dropped on the shirt while eating.

Discipline is necessary for children, but we need to teach them to self-discipline, not bribe them to be good.



Here are some tips to help you organize ‘Teachers’ Day’ event without any glitches...For any program to be successful, detailed planning is mandatory. Given the fact that Teachers’ Day is celebrated year after year, it is not one of those surprise programs where one can complain about lack of time or being caught off guard!

Subir Shukla talks about making the shift from a system that is more engaged with maintaing the status-quo to one that understands the teacher. To make a change in the system, we need to build the trust of teachers, and communicate to them that they matter.

An interview with Mr. Subir Shukla, Consultant at MHRD and Principal Coordinator - IGNUS-erg.

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