algebraic identities

There are two sets of algebraic identities usually taught at the school level - (i) the quadratic ones and (ii) the cubic ones. Both can be modeled in a low-cost way. Nets of solids can be used for the cubic identities. Layouts of both are included along with links to uses.

In many programs of study, the material on the formulas relating the sides and special segments in a triangle does not appear as part of the study of mathematics in high school. On the other hand, in many programs of study the background required to understand this subject is studied already by the ages of 13-15. This situation gives us the opportunity to teach the relationship formulas at an early stage, even before the studies of geometry have begun in the precise manner at the higher level of difficulty.

Here are two possible layouts of the models needed to show the following identities.

See the visual proof of (a - b)2 +2ab using coloured tiles,

You may download the attached ppt & pdf.

See the visual proof of (a+b)2 - 2ab using coloured tiles,


You may download the attached ppt & pdf.

Click here for (a - b)2 + 2ab proof

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