activity based learning

“How can I make my classes interesting?”

“Are there activities for making students more enthusiastic?”

These are questions often asked by teachers in myriad schools. Fortunately, there does exist a number of activities and games that could make classroom teaching stimulating and motivate students to learn better so why not take a look?


To understand what it takes in terms of curriculum and other enablers, to provide quality education to the children of migrant labour Azim Premji Foundation decided to start schools for these children.


A wet object dries up. But where does the water go? This experiment will demonstrate the phenomenon of evaporation.

These activities will enable children to focus on their senses and make learning mathematical tables fun!

Building up a wide vocabulary can be a laborious exercise for students, especially if there is little scope for its usage. One way to encourage learning of unfamiliar words is through active usage.

Here are some simple suggested activities for teaching adjectives.The activities help in creating an interactive and hands-on environment in the classroom that involve and motivate learners.

This lesson plan provides students with the context needed for the use and understanding of the simple present tense.

This lesson plan provides students with the context needed for the use of the present continuous tense.

This lesson plan enhances the students’ imagination by allowing them to alter the story and introduces new vocabulary related to the homes of animals.


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