This year the Teachers of India stood up to applaud the contributions of the stalwarts who made the art & craft of learning so wonderful. We went nostalgic to recall our very first day as teachers. We recognized the hard fought battles we won to celebrate children,  child's right and childhood. Here is a refreshing of our memories of those days and events.

Thank you all.

Prof B Sury, an algebraic number theorist working at Indian Statistical Institute, Bengaluru comments on his observations of Ramanujan's life and works. He also invites you to a quick take on contemporary (Indian) mathematical history and how Ramanujan's work inspired the subsequent trailblazers.

The second half of the video has a more serious discussion on Ramanujan's impact on themes that are at college level.

This is Math Nomad's first video.

India celebrates Srinivasa Ramanujan's birthday (22 December) as National Mathematics Day. Teachers of India salutes the genius and shares the following tributes. A magic square for your math activity, a book review to add more depth in knowing more about his genius & a documentary that captures the tragic tale of losing such a giant talent at an unforgivable age of just 32.

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