Environmental Science

Present this crossword on water cycle to assess how much your learners have comprehended the concept.


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You can't get it any easier. Pump air into a balloon and help students explore how valves function.

This story of Meena focuses on the importance of proper hygiene. It teaches that people must use latrines, and wash their hands with safe, clean water and soap or ashes after using latrines and before touching food if they wish to stay healthy. These simple habits prevent deadly diseases like diarrhoea.

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Samira doesn't like the lunch her mother has packed in her tiffin box. All her animal friends feel bad for her and offer her their lunch. Read out all about Samira's lunchtime adventure (eBook is attached below)...and then let your second graders attempt the activities based on the story.

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You have read in the class that snakes don't have ears and they only respond to vibrations. Arvind Gupta invites you to make an artificial snake that dances not to your tunes but the wind you blow!

In the huge labyrinthine scholarly global project documents of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) lies almost hidden a friendly cartoon character Ozzy Ozone.

Earth didn't have water when it formed, but it does now! Ever wondered how earth got such a bountiful amount of water? How did it get wet?

Don't throw away the plastic bottle. Instead, turn that into your pocket microscope!


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