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By shravaniganti | Mar 24, 2018

I am Shravani Ganti a Evs./science teacher. I have joined TOI.

Humans are visual creatures and we can easily learn things when we see it. This is why it is important for you as a teacher to innovate your teaching methods using the advantage of technology. In fact, you’ll see a lot of changes in the field of education in current times. Not to mention the use of smart boards, online learning and paperless schools.

Written by Arefa Tehsin, this book takes us into a world inhabited by the different species that visit our backyard — species we often see, but know little about. Each species is brought to life through in-depth research into its habits, sketches, anecdotes and questions.

They may be tiny, but like us, the life of a spider is filled with lots of drama! Spiders have to decide where to build their webs and find food, how to escape their enemies, find potential mates, and take care of their young ones. Intrigued? Discover the fascinating world of spiders with us.

When lazy Raghu Mama claims he can go on wild adventures without leaving his chair, Amish and Soni are amazed. How does he do it? Can Amish and Soni go on these adventures too?

Explore and understand virtual reality in a fun way through this story of Lazy Mama. Whether you like it or not but there are lots of thing in education and learning which is possible through the application of Virtual Reality. And it is too simple to get or make a Virtual Reality headset too.

This article talks of the diversity among schools in India and how schools should collaborate in order to make a difference which is sustainable.


Join Tooka, Poi, and their best friend Inji the dog, as they go around collecting seeds. The adventure begins when the three friends meet Pacha the tamarind tree.

Help your learners revise through images the kind of pollution one encounters. Feel free to click images from your locality and use in the classroom.

Challenge your learners to retire their colour pencils and paint brushes for a day and ask them to express themselves only through their thumbs. Let the fun begin!

This website allows any teacher to enter content in free games to be played with their students as a big group. All games are played using only a project. The game functionality is in English but the content entered in the questions can be in any language.


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