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When teacher absenteeism, high dropout rates, especially among girls, and poor teacher training wreak havoc on any government school and rote learning reigns supreme, expectation of learning outcomes from a government school is minimal. But then you haven't known these consistently-raising-the-bar schools across the country. We share one among the 6 such stories.

Story #4

A government school building with a partly shorn-off ceiling serves as classroom. A laboratory is so dilapidated, it has been locked up for a couple of years now. The borewell has run dry and students grapple with acute water shortage. This is its physical condition. And such schools are aplenty. And yet, the Government Boys Higher Secondary School in Kothamangalam in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu has been seen as a model institution that consistently produces doctors, veterinarians, engineers and marine technocrats.

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Education was revolutionised in the school when a former headmaster, N. Jayachandran, introduced special coaching for academically weak students in 2005-06, to help them prep for the public exam. The move immediately helped improve the pass percentage. Soon, parents were so enthused they started to supply snacks like sundal and payasam to students during class. “The special coaching lasts for about three hours everyday, over two sessions in the morning and evening. A daily test is held,” say school teachers.

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There has been no looking back. In fact, an enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association does not even depend upon the Education Department for any immediate infrastructure that is within its means to provide.
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