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Ram Kishore is a primary school teacher in a government school in Bidhoura, Sitarganj in Udhhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand For the 50 students of the school, he is the only teacher. The learners are first generation learners who also double up as serious helping hands to their parents during harvest season.  Despite these challenges, Ram Kishore is a shining example of a teacher who strongly believes (and practically demonstrates) that unless we make schools enjoyableto them we can't fully engage them.

The video highlights how the Azim Premji Foundation has been working closely with the government primary schools on quality and equality of education with some examples.


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very nice and good ork by ram kishor ji he truly proof the meaning of teacher in our society.

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best video
sanjay jain kota rajasthan

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Video is unavailable .
Kindly let us know if they is any alternative link .

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The video is available now

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The video has been removed by the owner it seems. We will update as soon as we find it. 

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very nice

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