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I was just lying down after returning from the school, when someone knocked on the door. Vijay, from grade 5th and Rakesh from grade 6th were standing at the door. They entered and demanded,

‘Ben, we want bhakhri’

‘Please, I am tired. Not now,’ I replied.

‘But Ben, we will help you. Please do it.’ They brought me to the kitchen. I know making bhakhri is my one of the favourite tasks, and eating is theirs! It has happened several times. I just thought, do children have the right to force me to do this? What is that element which forces me to make the bhakhri even when I was tired? Perhaps it is my training, during my education, may be it is the Nai Taleem which is part of my past.

My primary education and professional course for teachers was completed in Lokbharati, a pioneer institute following Nai Taleem. I completed my secondary education from Gram Dakshinamoorti, Ambala, which is a well-known Nai Taleem post-basic school, now a heritage school. As a student, I never had any extra tuition or even additional books like guides to support my studies. If we had any difficulty, we just went to the teacher’s house always on the campus as a part of the Nai Taleem philosophy. They never said no. The word ‘punishment’ was not in their dictionary....Read the full story from here

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