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"Real Life Rancho", this is the title Sameer received in one of the article on him by and he fully fits it. He was working as mechanical engineer when he realized that he wants to do something more in the life. He joined Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar School as SBI fellow in 2016 to "initiate a process to encourage Innovation & Design" in students. He participated in developing Science Laboratory using Arvind Gupta toys to increase scientific awareness. The models that students made attracted a lot of attention.

"At first, he collected all the materials by himself and gave it to the kids guiding them to make simple models like the models of school, a collage of personalities, pollution. Then he noticed a group of students making a windmill using straw and paper. It struck to him that why not focus on scientific things. With sheer effort two of the students developed Periscope using pipes, broken pieces of mirror and chart paper. He says when the kids made this they said that this so easy to make so why it was invented in Europe and not India. The idea was that if kids make models of the things that are invented in other countries using local material all by themselves it also enhances their creativity and gives them the confidence and vision that they can invent something for their own country when they grow up.

Two kids Deepak and Sitaram have been instrumental in making many models like U-tube manometer, cup anemometer using coffee cups, Newton’s disk using the motor from old toys. They have built a section in the computer lab of their school called “Navonmesh Prayogshala” a Sanskrit-Odia name for Innovation Lab where all their models are kept.
Seeing the success, the Principal of the school has also introduced science model making in their project work according to their syllabus.
These students have now passed out to senior school in another school of Gram Vikas in Kankia village where they have started collecting materials to build their very own Navonmesh Prayogshala.
The impact is such that people from Regional Museum of Natural History visited the school and on seeing the activities here they have decided on setting up a Biodiversity Centre there. A headmaster of a nearby government residential school has invited him to train the students to set up a similar lab in his school as well. Pratham Education Foundation has collaborated with the school to conduct workshops on model making in Biology involving a digestive system and skeletal system." from article.

He has participated in developing Quantum Learning Methodology in the school. It is a collection of activities that should be done in the first three weeks of a new academic session. It helps the students to be acquainted with the environment of the school & teachers. It gives a platform for both teachers and students to sit together and do the combined activities and eliminating the unnecessary distance between "Teacher-Students" & "Students-School". It also provides complete knowledge of the child's nature to the teachers at the very beginning of the year.

Parikalp is one of the initiative by Sameer. Parikalp means "To explore, To experiment and To Innovate". The main idea behind this project was to fill the gap between school and community by involving the students to resolve common community problems. Students were asked to resolve some real life problems as part of the problem statements. The school has discovered many issues that it has been facing and gave this to students as a problem statement. The group is designated as 5 to 7 students and a guiding teacher to find and execute the solution for these problems.

Sameer is now working with the Gram Vikas Residential Schools as the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics] coordinator with the aim to develop these abilities among the tribal students.

Text & images, courtesy">" target="_blank">Vinit Kumar's Facebook wall. Republished after minor editing.



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Good work Sameer Kumar mishra.

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I am proud of the wonderful work you are doing with students from the Government Schools. I wish you all the very best and if given an opportunity, I would like to meet you personally. By the way, I am a teacher by profession since 1999.

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good practices makes a teacher better and better

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