The Sources of History

Young children are capable of observing, making inferences and justifying deductions. Yet these skills are rarely made use of in the History class. Children are given information regarding the sources of history without being encouraged to learn through discovery.  Some natural questions that children can ask while looking at sources are “How was it made”? “How was it used?”, “How old is it?” etc. These questions lead to deeper questions like “What do we know for certain?”, “What reasonable guesses can we make, based on what evidence?” While using available sources to construct their own accounts of the past, children also learn that accounts may differ because evidence is incomplete. Through this presentation, an attempt has been made to introduce the process of historical enquiry in children, encouraging them to examine sources, question inferences and assumptions, construct their own history and above all, trigger curiosity.   


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good quality

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Very concise yet knowledgeable and good quality presentation. I am sure it will be very useful for the teachers and students.

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It is a very good article and I hope History teachers make use of it properly and make the subject interesting and informative in true sense.

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