Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is one of the surest ways of reducing our dependence on secondary sources of water like lakes or rivers. As there is a limted supply of water available to man, it is important that he learns to recycle and reuse water as well. This is where rainwater harvesting becomes important. The presentation that follows will allow a teacher to explain in simple terms what rainwater harvesting is, why it should be made popular, and how it is useful. Through this presentation children will also learn about some of the popular rainwater harvesting systems prevelant in the driest region of this country—Rajasthan, and surprisingly even the wettest—the Northeast. Why does a rain rich region like the Northeast need to harvest rainwater? Find out the answer to this and more through this PPT.


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unable to see the presentation

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Helpful for classroom interaction. Interaction through pictures and maps made an interative environment in the classroom.

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