At Right Angles Vol 7 No. 2

The issue you hold in your hand may look the same as the previous eighteen issues but there are significant changes which I take pleasure in bringing to your notice. For one, At Right Angles is now a whole school math resource, instead of just a High School math resource, with only the PullOut catering to the primary section. To mark this change, we have included a discreet colour band at the top of each article; the code is given in the Contents Rage. It indicates whether the article is best suited for Primary (1- 5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-10) or Pre-University (II-12). Please don't restrict your reading to just the section you teach; there is plenty there for all those interested in mathematics and as usual, we do our best to make the content accessible and engaging. You may notice that some of the ClassRoom articles also have a boxed item on the first page that indicates the scope of the article and the different ways that the teacher can make use of it. Again, don't let us contain your idea and imagination and do write to us if you think of innovative take-offs on our articles!
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