At Right Angles Vol 6 No. 3

The word ‘heuristics’ has always left me fumbling for the perfect definition. Rule of thumb seems adequate but too informal, as a teacher trainer, I’ve always preferred to illustrate rather than define this word. And the first article in the November issue does just that- Gaurav Bhatnagar, leads you gently into the Exponential Series- a heuristic definition! The relaxed tone continues with V. G. Tikekar setting the stage to arrive at formulae which are usually given and proved using mathematical induction. He, on the other hand, uses the narrative mode to set the context which explains and then proves the sum of squares and sum of cubes formulae. From story we move to song, V. Ramprashanth’s article Tonic Ambiguity is a delightful depart from our usual articles and it explains very simply, using just the concepts of ratios, how two hearers can place the same tones at different positions on the musical scale. CoMaC and then Shailesh Shirali, wrap up the Features section with a bouquet of proofs.
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