At Right Angles Issue 3 March 2019

The March 2019 issue is packed with articles for students, teachers and teacher educators of all classes.

In Features, we carry thought provoking yet simple articles - Is it possible to have a lattice point equilateral triangle? Is there even more to know about 'e'? Who was W.W. Sawyer and what did he contribute to mathematics education? You are sure to find something to interest you here! In ClassRoom, you will find material on number patterns —noted by several student contributors: Bodhideep Joardar, Rahul Miraj and our youngest contributor so far - Adithya Rajesh. Striking results are not just reported, they are also explained and justified with proofs. And our sources vary from students to observations from colleagues in mathematics classrooms and mathematical tricks from websites- these are explored and explained. Magic triangles appear again - thanks to James Metz - and so does cryptography with an addendum by K G Mishra to the articles on the Hill Cipher. R Gomathy describes how she introduced her students to hands on mathematics by playing with tiles and creating tessellations - a creditable achievement in a government school classroom. And Low Floor High Ceiling is back with a dot sheet activity that pushes students to observe, experiment, conjecture and generalise.

TechSpace takes on a new arena this time — exploring probability with a graphics calculator. Barry Kissane describes just how to introduce students to the nuances of chance without having to resort to elaborate and endless activity. Problem Corner has its usual plethora of thought provoking and absorbing problems for all ages. And in Review, R. Mohan has an in-depth and personal encounter with W.W. Sawyer's Mathematician's Delight.

Padmapriya Shirali takes on a big problem in mathematics classrooms- Indices and Algebraic Identities in Part 4 of the Algebra PullOut series. And Swati Sircar has a take home gift for you all - a TearOut poster explaining Commutativity, Associativity and Distributivity of mathematical operations on Fractions.




The Constants of Mathematics – Part III

W.W. Sawyer The Universal Math Teacher



Addendum to Hill Ciphers

Visual Justification for fractions

Cutting a Square into Equal Parts

Inradius and Exradius of a Pythagorean Triangle

Addendum to Theorem concerning A Magic Triangle

On Adding Magic Triangles

Quilting Explorations by a Mathematics Teacher

Primitive Pythagorean Triple

Finding the Square Root of a Four-Digit Perfect Square

The Truncated Icosahedron – An Iconic 3-D Shape

Adventures in Problem Solving - March 2019

Finding the Number of Ordered Tuples Having a Given LCM

Playing with Tiles Beginning to Tessellate

Squaring the Dots Think into the Box

Two Striking Number Patterns

Problems for the Senior School - March 2019

Problems for the Middle School March 2019



Taking a Chance with a Graphics Calculator

Pythagorean Triples and Composition



Book Review of W.W. Sawyer’s Mathematician’s Delight



Introduction to Algebra IV - At Right Angles Pullout

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