i wonder... June 2016

In this issue, we explore two fascinating themes: 'Interactions' and 'Emerging Trends in Biology', with nine articles on topics as varied as chemical ecology, the common cold, fundamental forces, gut microbes in health and disease, and memory. In 'The Science Lab', discover simple classroom activities to teach Archimedes principle, photosynthesis and daytime astronomy. In 'Annals of History', trace the journey of microscopy from the simple magnifying glass to the powerful electron microscopes and easy-to-assemble fold-scopes available today. Discover the writer and physician Oliver Sacks through his fascination for the human brain, bikes and stories in 'Biography of a Scientist'. Looking for more? Enjoy our pull-out poster on ‘Ten things you didn’t know about – Bones’ and nature-based activity sheets – 'Chirp Chirp', 'Hibiscus Tales', 'Bark Bites' and 'All about Ants'! Plus, a pocket-size pictorial guide to common butterflies that you'll want to carry along on your next trip outdoors!
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