what is the role of china in international relations?

By gopikrishna k | May 14, 2013

China has always valued the development of friendly relations with neighboring countries and the maintenance of stability in its neighborhood. In 2006, military delegations from China visited more than 20 countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. In the meanwhile, 30 short high-level military delegations from neighboring countries visited China. In addition, China exchanged military personnel with countries in West Asia, Africa, Southern Pacific and Latin America. The forms of military contacts were also diversified.

Do you know about the best Education System in the world ? Do you know how translate downloaded videoes in your mother tongue ?

By Ravichandra Mane | May 1, 2013


   1]     Do you know Finland has the best Education System in the world.Have you ever searched on the web about Finland Education System. There is lot of material available on the net. As a teacher we should know about the best Education System. 


By vikas | Oct 15, 2012

Its been over two years that the RTE Act has come into existence.....but how much it has been implemented and what changes it has brought? Also the challenges being faced at the grassroot level.


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