Cow operates handpump to drink water

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 12, 2013

In my opinion this ‘cow’ observed the water source. Understood that human are swinging  the handle to get water.

Educational resources

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 10, 2013

This blog i created to build a place to provide a place to get few resources like videos, websites and any other source, for teachers and students on education..

I like to invite all of those interested to volunteer to this. With due acknowledgement to the contributor, i will post resources here, OR i can share the site as an author partners. 

Can we rescue the child from the Corporal Punishment in Schools?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 9, 2013

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RtE) Act, 2009, prohibits physical punishment and mental harassment under Section 17(1) and makes it a punishable offence under Section 17(2). The NCPCR in its guidelines for eliminating CP in schools systematically details out varied expressions of physical punishment, mental harassment and discrimination and suggests workshops, sessions by experts and alternative positive measures and therapeutic strategies for teachers.

Obviously, we cannot wait for an inspiring teacher to fall from heaven.

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 9, 2013

Obviously, we cannot wait for an inspiring teacher to fall from heaven.

We have got so used to blaming governance and the institutions of the law that we forget that our pathetic education system is also responsible. However, one inspiring teacher can make all the difference in moulding the values of young human beings. 

Finland Education System

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 5, 2013

in my opinion the sccess of Finland system lines in major factors of

1. Teachers are well supported and trained.

2. Teachers are delegated the learning of students and freedom to teach...NOT filling the forms and showing the evidences of teaching.

is india home to largest illiterate population still?

By gopikrishna k | May 26, 2013

Is India home to largest illiterate population  ?still…. Literacy and educational attainment have long been acknowledged as important indicators of a country's development. India having the maximum number of illiterate adults in the world-a staggering 287 million, a number that is nearly four times the population of France.As per Population Census of India 2011, the Literacy rate of India has shown as improvement of almost 9 percent. It has gone up to 74.04% in 2011 from 65.38% in 2001, thus showing an increase of 9 percent in the last 10 years.

Is it Surprising......

By ramanatha.sastry | May 23, 2013

This is the news article in ‘Times of India, Mumbai’ edition today...

please visit my blog post for complete article.

The Change, Education

By ramanatha.sastry | May 22, 2013

In my opinion the structural change is required than fixing points and that should start at ‘fixed time, fixed syllabus’, without detention system, and in the evaluation process to find ‘what is achieved’. please visit my blog post and give your views.




Is this possible to reduce the level of poverty with the policy of LPG?

By gopikrishna k | May 18, 2013

The rising population raises issues of serious concern, especially for the marginalised sections living in poorer countries. While the richer nations have their own set of problems linked to industrialisation and supersaturated markets, emerging economies such as India, Brazil and South Africa have been unable or unwilling to spread the wealth generated over the past two decades or so equitably.

School system, is it time to change?

By ramanatha.sastry | May 15, 2013

The present day assessment reports are; in the name of ‘report cards, or ‘assessment cards’, informing students what grade/percentage they got in a specific format. Formats may be different from one place to other.
It is still confusing for me, even though, i adopted and followed all these years, either a student or parent, what to do with them?


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