शिक्षा सुधार

By Sureshkumar | Nov 26, 2017

आपके विचार से प्राथमिक शिक्षा में ऐसा क्या सुधार किया जाए की वर्तमान शिक्षा पद्धति को अधिक गुणात्मक बनाया जा सके ?

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

By Preeti_edu | Mar 29, 2017

Q. What are the drawbacks of CCE pattern/system and its implementation in schools?
Any suggestions for improvement!

Punitive Actions to Teach Discipline and Subject

By parveenwrites | Sep 29, 2016

There has been news about teachers beating the children at school or scolding them badly. We who say that we have learnt from stric teachers can not favour the beatings today. It is not about child-rights or about human rights. I wish to ask, Do the Teachers beat kids because they know less of teaching (might be full of knowledge)? What approach a school should have about inculcating discipline and stopping Punitive Actions?

National Education Policy - 2016

By Milind | Jul 22, 2016


Being teachers, we all know the importance of National Education Policy.

For the first time, the Government of India is embarking on a time-bound grassroots consultative process, which will enable the Ministry of HRD to reach out to individuals across the country through over 2.75 lakh direct consultations while also taking input from citizens online. Kindly give your suggestions to nep.edu@gov.in

Role of Non-Government Organisations in improving teaching standards in India

By Kumar589 | Jul 14, 2016

For any program to be successful we need a third eye , it could be watchful or a guiding hand.


By SSPATIL@59 | Nov 29, 2015

It is the time of REVIEW and RETROSPECT within the inner sense of teacher the they should aware about their duties & responsibility to control and transformation of society in to the Peace,Harmonious circumstances while giving moral ideas to the students so it is the Noble Duty of the teacher that they should teach the pupil to mold the Better character and create the Best citizen as best as possible.

Can a school in India run without any affiliation till 8th (read description please)

By sudhendu | Nov 3, 2015

Hello Everyone,
Hope all are doing well.I am currently doing some research (on education in India) and in that, I am stuck around the question of "whether a K-10 school in India run without affiliation to any board (State board or IGSCE, CBSE, IB, etc.). The idea is to provide school with 'inbound' curriculum till 8th standard and then do affiliation with any board (for 9th and 10th standard, mainly to provide a valid exit certificate to student). We teach children our way till 8th standard. This is to develop a more dynamic and relative up-scaled courseware.

Drafting of education related policies

By bansalsanjeev | Jun 29, 2015

Do you think, government consults the teachers while drafting the education related policies?

Empowering our teachers

By LivingTreeIndia | Jul 4, 2014

How many of us have given a thought that our future generation is moulded and guided by our teachers? The future generation is at their mercy. The saddest part is teaching is the most ignored and undervalued profession.How do we empower then? Make then proud of what they are doing?Please share your thought on this....


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