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Can we organize the differentiation instruction to face a diversity in a classroom ?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 4, 2013

Differentiation is an umbrella concept that incorporates many effective traditional methods and strategies as well as merging many aspects of critical thinking, brain research, interdisciplinary instruction, and constructivism.    Its roots are in gifted and special education but it has been developed as a means of accommodating the range of readiness levels, learning styles and interests of heterogeneous schools and classrooms.

Teacher traning

By ramanatha.sastry | May 19, 2013


Many of the training programs focus only on ‘how’ to do and ‘what’ to do, missing factor of ‘why’, so the outcomes. Teaching is unique profession.  In my opinion, they must know both ‘science and engineering’ relatively more than techniques, tricks and tips. Many of the training programs are focused differently in my view.

Teachers training programs, in my belief, should be designed and associated to encourage teachers to come out of their own methods, instead of look for availability of resources on what they are trained.


By ramanatha.sastry | May 18, 2013

How to Help Students with Online Resources:

 First group students will reinforce their learning and get opportunities to learn more if they find time and energy, so any gaps in learning won’t take place.

Online Learning

By nehardave | Mar 1, 2013

Hello all teachers,

Just wanted to discuss on how we can have online learning more effective. A teach can create her own content only (Which is unique to her/him) and can send out assignments to the student and it gets graded :) !! 

Also we can have a system which has more of interactive Questions and Assignment then it will keep the students engageed and learn more.





By saravanan | Oct 29, 2012

Government , NGO's spent  huge amount on inservice trainings - But the real classroom practices is in different  form.  What are the ways we can adopt to merge both training and classroom practices.


By abd | Oct 16, 2012

Do you believe that all the stages of the ELC gets completed in a specified duration of the class time ?

value education

By Deena rana | Oct 15, 2012

Should value education be  be a subject that can be  taught in the class room?

Education for all a possible reality

By ogriv | Oct 3, 2012

If the teachers can overcome the following then the above issue is very much possible


1. As a teacher with B.Ed qualification i should secure a government job.

2.I am a helpess teacher i alone cannot do anything i am waiting for a good samaritan to come and change the things.

3. Teahers believe in what Swami Vivekanand said "you are the creator of your destiny" deeply interospect you will understand how powerful you are.

revolutionize class room practices

By tribhuvan | Oct 3, 2012

The traditional concept of learnign in the class room is to be changed. Learners are given ample freedom and choice to learn according to their pace of learning. modern facilities such as e-learnign prigrams are applied, burden of carrying books and sitting laboriously in the class room can be avoided. Learnign time can be changed for better results.


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