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why do we study maths in whole school days?

By onlinetrainingman | Mar 26, 2014

why do we study maths in whole school days?

learn MS_EXCEL

By ramanatha.sastry | Feb 20, 2014

I have seen MS_ Excel learner courses in Udemy for different level of learners; beginners to advanced learners. Excel learning is one of the basic need now a days to lead for the good accounting and then to the data bases. Hope this post help all those who like to take up a course at convenience at lowest possible cost by a reputed trainers.

please see all details from

Excessive stress on written work kills the joy of learning in the primary and preprimary classes.

By smitauchil | Jan 15, 2014

Is stress on writing correct spelling more important than developing the childs ability to express his feelings in his own words? Is it more important that the child understands the concept and is able to apply the concept in a given situation or it is necessary that he should be able to write a given set of sentences as answer to a given set of questions?

Providing a Positive feedback...

By ramanatha.sastry | Oct 18, 2013

Teacher comments can have a significant impact on a child's self-esteem. Many students come to school sad and discouraged as a result of poverty, abuse or other problems. Children desperately need someone to believe in their worth and encourage them to try harder to do their best!

please read this post for general discussion on positive feed back.

Educational Talks

By ramanatha.sastry | Jul 4, 2013

Sugata Mitra founded the "Hole in the Wall" experiments.

Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

By himanshu_mitr@y... | Jun 22, 2013

Mathematics of Planet Earth is an Ambitious Activity, This is being carried out and being lead by NCERT.

Kindly guide us also for this effort, and Leave suggestions by which we could ensure the participation of the students from a very Remote area of Uttarakhand.

what is the role of waiting time at learning?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 20, 2013

Rowe (1974) reported that when teachers were trained to increase their wait-time from one second to 3-5 seconds several changes occurred in students' behaviors: length and number of unsolicited but appropriate responses increased; failures to respond decreased; and the incidence of student-to student comparisons of data increased.

Is the motivation sustaining self-regulated learning?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 18, 2013

  Self-regulated learning can be facilitated by the adoption of mastery and relative ability goals and hindered by the adoption of extrinsic goals.  Positive self-efficacy and task value beliefs can promote self-regulated behavior. 

What is The role of schools in creating civic norms ?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 16, 2013

 the central purpose of the educational system is to promote good citizenship, democracy, and free government.


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