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Lets Improve Government Schools

By gmm04790 | Apr 15, 2016

Government Schools are the sources where 100% free quality education is possible to be given to kids to transform them into productive, healthy, useful citizens of tomorrow.

Online teacher communities

By junykwilfred | Mar 1, 2016

1. How important is it to have online teacher communities? Are they needed or not? Why or why not?
2. What would/should be the salient features of online teacher communities? Do they have to be regional/subject specific/ private-government teachers/ etc ?
3. What are the roles that teacher communities play - are there aspects that online platforms can address and not physical communities?

Digitize daily teacher activities

By cryztalsoft | Feb 29, 2016

With the rapid growth of information technology, it is imperative that our teaching community is provided with the best of tools to perform their everyday activities. Whales For Schools is a great first step towards digitizing the daily activities of a teacher. Lesson plans, curriculum plans, class notes, online assignments, messaging, emails and SMS are integrated in this application to provide a world class collaboration tool for teachers, parents and students. It is extremely affordable, easy to use and mobile enabled.

Would NCERT/CBSE aligned middle school math teacher development resources benefit you? Would love to know your thoughts.......

By keyachanda | Jan 13, 2016

Dear Teacher,
Don’t Memorise is a Mumbai based social enterprise. We are passionate about creating captivating online educational resources, primarily tailored to meet the needs of students in India, that are freely accessible. In just 2 years has a comprehensive online library of approximately 1100 math related videos which are regularly accessed by individuals from India and over 160 other countries. Our YouTube channel also averages 70,000 monthly views and our resources are embedded in a number of other prominent educational websites.

Manage your Class Batches online with Edventz

By go2saurav | Jan 10, 2016

Dear Teachers
Greetings for the Year 2016! As we embark our journey in 2016, we are pleased to share with you new features recently introduced in Edventz:

1. Create & Manage Student Batches: Now you can create and manage batches of students/ parents online and share Activities, Worksheets and Assignments with them online.

2. Build you Profile: You can build your teaching profile on Edventz. Students/ Parents can access and approach you for classes.

3. Mobile Ready: Access mobile ready Edventz from anywhere anytime


By SSPATIL@59 | Nov 29, 2015

It is the time of REVIEW and RETROSPECT within the inner sense of teacher the they should aware about their duties & responsibility to control and transformation of society in to the Peace,Harmonious circumstances while giving moral ideas to the students so it is the Noble Duty of the teacher that they should teach the pupil to mold the Better character and create the Best citizen as best as possible.

Brainwave magazine-Teacher's opinion

By maryjohn58 | Aug 24, 2015

Hello Teachers of India.
I am Reuben from Brainwave magazine a children's science magazine ( and we are trying to get feedback from science teachers on how a child learns in school. We are building a web platform for children in the 5-8th grade to compliment what is being taught in school.

The Internet Big Bang Effect

By go2saurav | Aug 18, 2015

The next transitioning phase in the Education came with the introduction of Internet. While computers equipped Schools and Teachers with tools (computers, word documents, sheets and printers) to augment their existing teaching methods, it was the internet that brought the Big Bang shift with an explosion of sorts of data.

Going Beyond Textbooks

By go2saurav | Jul 26, 2015

In my previous article (Textbooks – a key link in traditional teaching methodology), I shared my views on the critical role that Textbooks played in establishing connect among the Teachers, Students and Parents. The shift from "Textbook Only" teaching came with the introduction of Computers in schools. This led to the shift in the teaching methodology from Textbook/ Reference Books mode to Textbook ++ mode.

Textbooks – a key link in traditional teaching methodology

By go2saurav | Jul 21, 2015

I was doing some research work to analyse the Content Delivery mechanisms among School, Teachers, Parents and Students. These are the key stakeholders in the Education ecosystem and effective communication among them is very critical. There are some interesting observations which I am putting across through a few articles to get your views.


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