Aims of Education

How do you engage students deeply in the content of the curriculum?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 16, 2013

The secret to teaching may be as simple as asking students good questions--and then giving them the opportunity to find the answers.  

is the learning disability leads to isolation in understanding concepts ?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 6, 2013

 kids with learning disabilities are often isolated and rejected, and sometimes have a particularly hard time making and keeping friends. People with a learning disability tend to take longer to learn and may need support to develop new skills, understand complex information and interact with other people.

Will the Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction makes any difference ?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 5, 2013

Gaining conceptual knowledge is a main purpose for both reading and inquiry science. Reading is a set of processes that individuals apply to text for the purpose of gaining meaning, knowledge, or experience. Similarly, inquiry science is a set of processes for operating directly on the physical environment to gain understanding and knowledge of it.

Will the strategies-predict,question,clarify and summarize of reciprocal teaching promotes comprehension in a right path?

By gopikrishna k | Jun 3, 2013

Reciprocal teaching refers to an instructional activity in which students become the teacher in small group reading sessions. Teachers model, then help students learn to guide group discussions using four strategies: summarizing, question generating, clarifying, and predicting. Once students have learned the strategies, they take turns assuming the role of teacher in leading a dialogue about what has been read.

The Change, Education

By ramanatha.sastry | May 22, 2013

In my opinion the structural change is required than fixing points and that should start at ‘fixed time, fixed syllabus’, without detention system, and in the evaluation process to find ‘what is achieved’. please visit my blog post and give your views.




By ramanatha.sastry | May 18, 2013

How to Help Students with Online Resources:

 First group students will reinforce their learning and get opportunities to learn more if they find time and energy, so any gaps in learning won’t take place.

Justify, the present education system should be changed?

By gopikrishna k | May 17, 2013

The aim of  present education system has become to make money for the owners of the institutes and in turn this education also makes youth who are hungry for indulgence, power and money. They just think of partying, sex, fashion, food, gadgets and vehicles. They blindly follow western styles and culture. For these youth, earning money is the only goal of the life and their only motivational force is money. They want to go abroad and earn money and stay there forever.

School system, is it time to change?

By ramanatha.sastry | May 15, 2013

The present day assessment reports are; in the name of ‘report cards, or ‘assessment cards’, informing students what grade/percentage they got in a specific format. Formats may be different from one place to other.
It is still confusing for me, even though, i adopted and followed all these years, either a student or parent, what to do with them?

Online Learning

By nehardave | Mar 1, 2013

Hello all teachers,

Just wanted to discuss on how we can have online learning more effective. A teach can create her own content only (Which is unique to her/him) and can send out assignments to the student and it gets graded :) !! 

Also we can have a system which has more of interactive Questions and Assignment then it will keep the students engageed and learn more.





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