Are you ready for a Global Teach-a-thon to win $100,000?

Educate the World to Win
EdCast announces greatest prize money ever for Indian teachers.  A challenge by EdCast  & Tata Trusts to award grand prize of Rs 65 lac- to teachers who share their knowledge in 10 min.
Teachers are that section of society that contributes to nation-building.  A new challenge, the Global Educator Teach-A-Thon, presents an opportunity for educators in India to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the field of education in India. 
Tata Trusts has partnered with EdCast to announce the launch of the Global Educator Teach-A-Thon. A global challenge; this platform is open to all educators in India as well.
Teachers are invited to demonstrate their teaching acumen by recording and uploading short video lessons in English of less than 10 minutes, from their smartphone. 
The educator(s) who garner the highest user engagement will win the grand prize of INR 65 lac.
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It is already on!
More 'likes' means more is the chance of your winning. So send your video NOW!
Open till 19 April 2017


Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 12:00pm
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